A Coach at the Gym, a Friend outside: Matteo Arnaldi

Matteo Arnaldi, a 31-year-old Italian Fitness Coach who has inspired many people all around the globe to achieve their fitness goals all while maintaining a long-lasting “client: coach” relationship.

All of his clients testify to him creating a strong relationship between them which eventually helped ease through the journey as they shared wonderful experiences which inspired both of them to strive to their goal. One such client Vito Galvano testifies saying “He bridged the gap between fitness, diet and mental wellbeing”.

Vito goes on to explain how Matteo helped him psychologically, how he was able to change his lifestyle and that even after Matteo’s visit they are still connected and the support mechanism that Matteo provides is always there for him.

Vito finally says that there is something special about Matteo and urges us to test his capabilities. Experiencing such a wonderful journey of fitness requires a very driven, determined and dedicated fitness coach like Matteo Arnaldi