Achieving astounding success as a star linebacker and inspiring young footballers with his tackles is Jonquall Carrothers.


The Cumberland football player was even featured on CNN, which highlighted his incredible tackles on his final season of collegiate football.

Of all the things that have attracted people’s attention all around the world, the rise and emergence of young professionals and sportsmen have made the most headlines. Take, for example, Jonquall Carrothers, who was featured on a special report of the CNN titled America On Hold: We All Have a Story”, covered by Demetrius Pipkin, which highlighted how this young football talent played for his final season of collegiate football and ranked 2nd on the team with a magnificent 52 tackles, apart from highlighting many other talents he showed in opposing the quarterbacks.

The long list of achievements and accolades this young American linebacker has earned so far proves his phenomenal talent in the game and his macho athleticism on the field. Jonquall Carrothers’ talent in football was always the talk of the town, from the time he started his career at Middle Tennessee State University with college football. People were amazed by the kind of hard work he put in to learn new tactics each day and how he always kept honing his sporting skills to always up his game.

Due to some coaching changes, he transferred to Cumberland University and played as a defensive back. With a never-say-die-attitude, Jonquall Carrothers would get on the field every day and sharpen his skills and agility to move faster and become an ace at tackles. That’s what he did and transitioned into becoming a star linebacker in the Mid- South conference racking up 119 tackles.

Within a year at Campbellsville University, where he was transferred as a Grad Transfer Linebacker, after graduating, Jonquall Carrothers stopped for none and kept achieving laurels in his football career. He got into the First Team NCCAA All American, First Team All Mid-South Conference, Academic All Mid-South Conference. He achieved the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame All Commonwealth Team Selection and became known as the NCCAA Scholar-Athlete. In addition, he became the Mid-South Conference Tackle Leader, ranked 3rd nationally as a linebacker in tackles and achieved 9th rank nationally in Tackles (All positions).

Even after achieving so much, he still feels he has just begun. To find out more about his young American footballer, follow him on Instagram @jonquall.

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