(Actually) Easy Asset Tracking? Finally!!!

An initial round of asset tracking application testing (done in conjunction with barcode lables and scanning hardware) in 2015-2016 brought on immense frustration. The solutions that promised everything we needed were not easy, not affordable, and would take months to get up and running in production mode. The solutions that were faster and more affordable didn’t have all of the features we needed for end-to-end tracking – meaning that we could get some limited data, but then making that data functional, or “actionable” was a difficult chasm to cross.

Testing asset tracking applications in 2020-2021 started off with almost the same results. We literally could have copied and pasted every single review and assessment, as well as our general pains – except for one solution out of Washington state’s technology corridor: “Siteline App®.” Siteline comes from the Asset Lifecycle Management experts at Fulcrum Technologies, where major corporate brands trust them to track their important stuff. This important stuff-tracker, as it turns out, is the best of both worlds. Siteline has the ease, speed, and affordability of a smaller solution, but delivers the broad array of enterprise depth needed to plug this into any sized organization. It works for 1 entrepreneur, or 1 billion global workers, with unique workflow configurability at every turn.

Our experience with Siteline? Easy across the board:

It was easy for us to login and set up. It was easy to configure it to match our workplace processes. It was easy to invite users, and then make profiles for user security and job specific functionality. It was easy for those invited users to join. It was easy to set up our specific organization, and then load our actual data in for a test. It was easy to import locations and items as an Administrator, and then see our locations on a map view, where we could then drill in to select them for close-up viewing. We were on a roll. It was easy for users to download the mobility application for their iOS and Android phones. Then we printed location barcode/QR labels for our various sites, vehicles, and warehouse shelf/bin locations, and got our test users out there scanning, stocking, transferring, and managing splits. All of it was easy peasy. And bonus: we found It was easy to manage the data from any browser on our computer and phones! Powerful!

Fulcrum Technologies had a couple of decades to get this right, with this new Siteline App built upon the foundational elements of their award winning “CATS” Asset Lifecycle Management platform. Unlike other tested solutions, Siteline is one that seems to be usable immediately – we already have plans to convert our test instance to production, scale up our data collection to keep info flowing in, and see what enterprise systems we can use this with.

We are getting close to truly being able to track, connect, see, act, share and report on anything and everything in our company that is of value – just like the brochure said it would.


To test this asset tracking solution for yourself, contact Fulcrum Technologies at or visit them at today.

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