Andrew Stafford: The Boxing Trainer Who Has Changed Hollywood


Andrew Stafford is a well-known professional boxer and boxing trainer from the US. He was born and brought up in Los Angeles. As of 2021, he is 37 years old and he has two children one daughter and a son.

He is passionate and dedicated to boxing and has worked with many celebrities including Taylor Holder, Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, and many more. He is very ambitious and has helped transform many famous Hollywood celebrities.

Throughout his boxing career, he has participated in boxing camps with world champion boxers such as Carlos Baldomir, Vince Phillips, and many more. He is popularly known for training Taylor Holder and Bryce Hall for their infamous boxing match that was held on 12th June 2021, in Miami, Florida at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Before Andrew became a professional boxing trainer, he used to be the bodyguard of famous celebrities like Travis Scott, Rihana, and others.

Andrew has always had a business mind. Till today he continues to utilize his business mind in the field. He has his own boxing company. He hopes to encourage people to pursue their passion as their profession.

He believes he can achieve great things by stepping out of his comfort zone and working towards achieving his objectives and goals in life.

Everybody wants to be successful, however, there are only a few people who are able to reach that level of success. With constant hard work and efforts, Andrew was able to reach the level of success that he truly desired. However, there are many more achievements and milestones for him to accomplish.

He has a huge fan following on his social media accounts and well as Youtube Channel. He has around 60K followers on Instagram, and 3.3K Subscribers on Youtube. He posts pictures of his daily workout and his day-to-day life activities on his Instagram account. While on his youtube channel he posts inspiring videos that motivate people to do the right thing he life. He also uploads videos about his fitness routines on his Youtube Channel.

Andrew has always been a workaholic, and because of this, he brings great power to all the work that he does. However, apart from working, Andrew has a fun side to himself. His hobbies including travelling to different places and learn each place’s culture and tradition. He loves meeting new people from different parts of the world. He says he learns something new each day.

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