Angel Milan Beats, Butter Mixtape With Surauchie Review

Angel Milan Beats, multi-talented artist and music producer from Toronto, Canada, joins forces with singer Surauchie to assemble a 8-track album celebrating love, authenticity, and successful relationships.

Surauchie brings her unique vocals to a collection of singles showcasing her natural ability for making her feelings seen through her songs. The confessional tracks “Billboards,” “Deja Vu,” “Chicken Wings,” “Waves,” “Greedy,” and “Sunday” draw similarities to iconic Pop/R&B singles that display a love for oneself, others and the world surrounding us.

Driven on being independent and successful, “Control” uses clear, stimulating sounds to draw listeners in and unavoidably singing along. Confidently owning her body and entire being, “Brownskin” appreciates the way she was born and inspires a generation of listeners to feel the same way.

As a mixture of mystical and vibrant with dark and moody sounds, Angel relates how he feels in that moment to create timeless music for fans to enjoy for years to come. Fans of music genres like Hip-Hop, R&B and Jazz will find no limitation to the kind of music he can make. Make sure to listen to Butter and keep up with his life on social media!

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