Antonio Brown leaves field in the center of Tampa bay Buccaneers’ success over New York Jets, Bruce Arians says he’s ‘no longer a Buc’

Antonio Brown might have bid farewell to the NFL, leaving the Tampa bay Buccaneers’ Week 17 game in the second from last quarter as they followed the New York Jets by double digits.

Brown decided not to exit unpretentiously, taking his pads off on the sideline and giving some of his equipment to fans. The Buccaneers wide receiver then, at that point, continued to wave his hands up in the end zone – – with his shirt off – – and left the stadium before long.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians tended to the Brown circumstance later the game, saying “he is no longer a Buc.” Arians requested to examine the players that went out and won the match, 28-24, subsequent to falling behind the Jets by two touchdowns. Per Go Bucs radio, Brown was sidelined by head coach Bruce Arians preceding him voluntarily leaving the game.

Arians addressed Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer later the game too, disclosing he attempted to get Brown to go into the game and Brown denied. Arians attempted to get Brown to go in again and he declined, which is when Arians advised Brown to leave. When inquired as to whether he saw Brown take his jersey off, Arians said he did and he ‘never seen anything like it in all my years.”

Brown had three catches for 26 yards in the game on five targets. There’s no clear reason why he left the stadium in such an unconditional manner. Per Fox Sports’ Jen Hale, Mike Evans attempted to convince Brown to keep on his pads yet he couldn’t as Brown chose to leave Tampa Bay.

Brown has 42 catches for 545 yards and four touchdowns this season. He can acquire up to $1 million in agreement incentives over the final two games of the year on the off chance that he arrived at the following criteria (per Spotrac).

8 receptions
55 yards
1 TD

There was still cash on the line for Brown, however that obviously doesn’t make any difference to the four-time All-Pro and 2010s All-Decade selection – – specially later the benching. It seems Brown might have played his last snap in the NFL.