App Pairs on Android 12 may allow you to open two applications at once

A distant memory are the days when cell phones were minuscule and squeezed, and performing various tasks on them was a far off dream. With the reception of bigger displays and more adaptable software, cell phones make it simpler than at any other time to accomplish more at once. Split-screen, a native Android feature, as of now allows you to work with two applications simultaneously. Presently Google is allegedly working on an approach to make it much simpler to perform multiple tasks, with another App Pairs feature for launching two applications at the same time.

An App Pair would be treated as a single application, and clients will likewise have the option to change to an alternate app or app pair — it presently is absurd to expect to change to an alternate application without breaking the current split-screen setup. The divider is likewise getting new functionality and ought to have the option to swap application positions via a quick double-tap.

In the event that this feature rings a bell, this is on the grounds that some cell phone producers have just implemented something very much like. For example, Samsung presented its own version in 2017 on the Galaxy Note8. Microsoft’s first Android phone, the Surface Duo, likewise flaunted a comparative feature that permitted clients to open different apps on its two displays at once.

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