Apple iPhone 13 Mini yet on the table regardless of lagging sales of iPhone 12 Mini

While the iPhone 12 Mini seems to be dead in the water, that doesn’t mean we’ll never see an iPhone 13 Mini. Unexpectedly, Apple is making plans to produce and sell four phones in the iPhone 13 family, including the iPhone 13 Mini.

That news comes courtesy of noted leaker Jon Prosser. As per Prosser, his “sources” express that Apple is as yet arranging an iPhone 13 Mini regardless of the low sales numbers of the iPhone 12 Mini.

For what reason would Apple proceed with another Mini iPhone when the current emphasis has done so inadequately? Per Prosser (and numerous other industry voices), the 2020 iPhone SE deeply ate into sales of the iPhone 12 Mini because of its altogether lower cost. Numerous clients that wanted a more modest iPhone decided to purchase the iPhone SE rather than the 12 Mini, saving them $300 simultaneously.

It additionally gives the idea that the vast majority that would purchase the iPhone 12 Mini wouldn’t fret the (minimal) minimize from the Mini’s A14 to the SE’s A13. These customers may not think often about 5G either, making the 12 Mini’s costly and power-hungry 5G modem superfluous.

Apple has no plans on producing an iPhone SE for 2021, so the iPhone 13 Mini would contend with fewer gadgets. Thusly, Apple might be anticipating stronger sales among those that need a more modest phone.

Remember that this news is talk and ought to be treated accordingly. We will not know what precisely Apple is cooking up for the iPhone 13 line until in the not so distant future.

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