ArtSplash coming back to Sioux City on September 3

The annual art event is returning to Sioux City in less than a week.

ArtSplash will return for the 28th year on September 3.

The event will incorporate over 60 artists from everywhere the country. There will be live paintings including a live portait of the Clark Cup.

Joe Knoepfler, president of Sculpt Siouxland, said art is entirely noticeable in Siouxland and that has a positive affects on the community.

“This has always been a downtown forward presentation that we have here. We think it’s really important to bring the art and culture back to the downtown area. There’s plenty of studies that have been done nation-wide about how that affects communities. I’m a strong believer in that myself. I think the arts are a very important thing to have,” said Knoepfler.

Different roads will be shut down during the event.

One path of Nebraska Street will be shut down for public security.
third Street will be shut down from Nebraska Street to Pierce Street.
Pierce Street will be shut down from third Street to the railroad tracks by second Street.

Parking will likewise be given at no charge at Tyson Event Center and the Long Lines parking lots alongside free Shuttle Service given by Short Staffed, Inc. toward the north entry of the festival, situated at third Street and Nebraska Street. Police will be available to help visitors in going across the road.