ASUS carries out its first post-launch update to the ZenFone 8 series


ASUS has now released the ZenFone 8 series. Clients that are investigating proper follow-ups to the ZenFone 6 and ZenFone 7 may find themselves at home with the ZenFone 8 Flip as it holds the equivalent backflip camera mechanism that flips the back camera over to the front as opposed to having a front camera.

However, the real star was the customary ZenFone 8. It includes a more conventional form factor with a punch-hole front camera and a standard back camera setup, yet it’s a small phone—and it doesn’t settle on most different aspects. Presently, the gadget, as well as the Flip model, are currently getting their first OTA update.

Before the phone’s launch, analyst gadgets were updated to versions WW (ZF8) and WW (ZF8 Flip). These are the first updates for the most recent ZenFone 8 series cell phones, and ZenTalk forum threads for the two releases have been made.

In any case, ASUS is releasing one more update for these phones, however there isn’t yet a ZenTalk forum thread for it. The ZenFone 8 is currently on version WW, while the ZenFone 8 Flip is presently on version WW

Two changes to the ZenFone 8 after the update are promptly observable: the update has added priority mode to the phone’s Settings menu. Priority mode permits the client to set “priority contacts” that can bypass the phone’s Mute function and ring in any case if it’s a “priority” call (if a similar individual calls more than once within a small timeframe).

The update likewise adds a search function to the “Force Dark Mode” feature. This feature permits you to constrain dark mode on apps that don’t normally support it, and this search bar permits you to turn upward an installed application’s name as opposed to finding it on a list.

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