Bonder: A platform that’s not just after your data


Social media has changed everything about how we live. One could say that many of us live our lives based on how social media has manipulated our mindset. It’s no secret that many social media platforms have used our personal information to their advantage in terms of collecting your personal information, but not Bonder. Developed with one mission in mind, Bonder is bringing people together.

Sure, that’s a broad statement. After all, most social media platforms accomplish that goal, but Bonder has a bigger, more philanthropic mission. Imagine a social media platform that not only connects individuals with like minds but cuts through the dramatic clutter of other mobile apps.  With Bonder, you avoid anonymous hostile keyboard warriors, shallow high school alumni brag books, and overly filtered photos to provide a deeply personal experience and allow you to truly bond with others.

Scott Swanson, the founder of the mobile app Bonder, has spent the last eighteen years working with some of the largest companies in the world to buy, vet, and deploy various technology. In a nutshell, Scott’s seen it all. More importantly, Scott has witnessed how social media has disrupted the landscape of society and has looked for ways to create a community that fills in the social and societal gaps, which leads to toxicity and separations of human behavior.

Bonder, much like Uber, uses location-based technology that instantly centralizes people, places, products, communities, discounts, and cash with the scan of a barcode which instantly bonds you to the things immediately around you that matter the most. Imagine walking into a box retailer and immediately receiving discounts, coupons, and expert advice from the associates within arm’s reach. The Bonder app will tell you which employees are working in the store at that time and provide background information on their areas of expertise and allow you to message with them.

Swanson says his “secret sauce” is Bonder’s Location-Based Communication Platform (LBCP), the first of its kind in the world. The invite-only LBCP is uncensored, unmonitored, and ad-free, with both social and retail tools built in to help people achieve and benefit from their immediate environment. Other social media platforms collect your data and build ads based on what your interests are. Not Bonder. Bonder bonds the user to their immediate environment to create lasting relationships without the added clutter and toxicity of other mobile apps, which builds a more harmonious digital society.

Harmony and philanthropy go hand in hand with Bonder. According to Swanson, “Bonder is the first platform in the world that allows users to ‘Pick, Click, and Message’ someone a gift card, or contribute to a charitable cause in their community, while guaranteeing that 90% of those funds go directly to someone or something in need.” This gives everyone who uses Bonder the chance to foster a built-in ecosystem of support and giving back, further strengthening the genuinely BOND ties.

Bonder is revolutionizing the digital landscape by eliminating the negatives of other platforms and creating a true community emphasizing personal, local connections while championing the overall greater good.

The social media experience shouldn’t manipulate you. You control your world, one connection at a time with Bonder. Download the Bonder app for iPhone iOS or Android at today.

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