Brave Browser – Reviews (Does it Live up to the Hype?)


The Brave browser is open-source and free. Brave Software Incorporation develops this browser, and it is advertised as a secure, fast, and private mobile and desktop browser.

The Things We Love the Most

It is based on precisely the same tech as Google Chrome, but it is much quicker than Chrome. The pros of this browser are the built-in adblocker feature. Due to which, you can scroll your favorite websites without getting to see those annoying ads. And if you choose to view those ads, it provides you with the tokens that can be used on online websites. Also, this browser claims to be a safe place to surf on the online sites as it blocks the ads and also provides advanced setting such as it does not store the information of the users.

A few Inconsequential Cons

There are also some cons of the brave download that includes a built-in ad blocker that breaks the site, and it uses uphold and not the private crypto wallet. With that, no support is also one of the major cons of using this browser. Though the cons are present, they outweigh the number of benefits it provides.

What is Best about Brave Browser?

The uniqueness of this browser is its advanced settings in which a user can pretty much hold onto things as he or she wishes. Also, the speed of this browser on some of the websites is around three to six times more than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. By testing on some pages, it was clear that the speed of the Brave browser was identical to Google Chrome on a few of them, and for the remaining of the pages, the Brave browser was faster.

Why is Brave different from others?

The rewards that the download brave provides also makes it different than other browsers. Through this feature, a person can earn tokens, which then adds up to the wallet of the Brave browser. These tokens can be made by sending tips to a website or simply by watching some ads. But you can only send the suggestions and contribute to the verified websites, which are also a good thing. You can even restore the information of your old browsers in the Brave browser quickly. You can do this either on the welcoming site or later by going to the settings.

A Misunderstanding About Brave Browser

There is a big rumor about this browser that it steals the money from content creators and the owner of the websites. Whether this is true or not is still under debate, and we cannot say anything for sure here. However, the Brave browser is just a browser that is for desktop (Windows, Linux, and macOS) and mobile (Android and iOS). Though some of its features are unique and they are better than the other browsers such as ad-blocking and earning tokens. You can download brave browser for windows 10 from this link.

By working on the cons that are discussed above, such as dumping uphold to make a safer system, it can become even a better browser than what it is now, and we are hoping for a good change.

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