Caring your gemstone

Expensive gemstones have been captivating people for so long. These gemstones are found in different shapes, colors, and qualities, so these are a center of attraction for many people. These are naturally tough, so this toughness makes them rare and precious. It will be wrong to say that gems do not need any care because of their natural toughness. These are shiny and rigid, but these are destroyable as well. You will have to handle gems with care if you want to maintain the shine and beauty of your jewelry. Here are described some guidelines about how you can handle your Chamal gems with care and how you can maintain the beauty of your gems.

Cleaning of your gem

All valuable gems and expensive stones need frequent cleaning. But there is no need to have some specialized tools for their cleaning. Many of the gemstones are cleaned with warm water and some mild detergents. You can scrub your gems with a soft brush most recommended is a baby brush having soft bristles. Avoid rubbing your gem too hard. Otherwise, you may scratch the stone. Cleanse the stone and dry it with a soft piece of cloth. You should clean your gem in a bowl of water rather than washing in a sink or washbasin. Sometimes scrubbing may lose stones of jewelry, so it is risky to clean your gem in a washbasin.

Things to keep in mind while cleaning

You should have some know-how about the gems such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds and their nature before cleaning the pearls. Almost all precious gemstones can be cleaned by using a mild washing detergent and warm water. Some gems have higher sensitivity than other gems. Before you are trying to wash a gem at home, you should learn how to clean it. You should not soak some gems in the water for a long time because the soft stones like turquoise can lose its polish and shine if you soak for a long time.

Always remember to clean any makeup particle off your jewelry. You should use soft pure cotton for this purpose. If you have some jewelry having organic stones, make sure to clean them with a soft piece of cloth.

Using an ultrasonic cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner is also an efficient gem cleaner. These are not to be used for cleaning every kind of gemstones. Some gemstones such as moonstone and emerald can be damaged if you clean them using an ultrasonic cleaner. Make sure to know about the nature of the gems before cleaning them in an ultrasonic cleaner. You must take the gem to the jeweler if you are not definite about its cleaning.

Store your precious gemstones separately

All gems have a different nature. Some precious and moderately-precious gems are tough. But all gems do not have the same toughness. For example, diamonds are the hardest stones in the world. Rubies and sapphires come next. Emerald topazes and aquamarines have comparatively low hardness. However, pearls and peridots are soft gems.

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