Catan Is Making Its Way To World Of Mobile AR Gaming


Settlers of Catan is one of the iconic game which is 24 years old. Players in the game compete to establish their own fictional island named as Catan. The game is a board game. It is easy to be learned and highly strategic. It has been recently announced that the game is about to enter the world of mobile gaming. It has been reported that it appears if the work has already begun on this new version of the classic game called Catan: World Explorers. It would be like putting the entire Earth into a board game. However, it does not mean that colonialism is brought back. Last but not the least, Niantic, is behind this game. It is the same company that has enjoyed the huge success of Harry Potter and Pokemon Go. No doubt these games have been successful and an inspiration for other possibilities of AR gaming. From Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to Minecraft Earth; the gaming companies continue working hard and advance the era of AR gaming. For the industry as a whole; this has been a great thing. With Catan: World Explorers; there will be a place for one more experience in the world.

Niantic has been silent about this whole thing. However, it did confirm that The Verge is involved in the creation of the game. Catan: World Explorers is developed on the Niantic Real World Platform. In 2020, chances are that we will have more information about the game. It looks cool, isn’t it? It appears as if the players will be capable of interacting with the NPCs as well as other people trading the material. Gamers will be playing for the victory points as it happens in the board game.

This is not the first time that Catan has been seen jumping to a platform that is beyond the game board. There are several versions of game for the consoles and smartphones. However, this is the coolest among all. We think about settlement and road construction and that how the world of game will work. How the resources will be gathered. Will there be players grouped in teams? Nobody knows the details to date but yes everyone is excited. 

All what is known is that the game intends to turn the Earth in to single game board. This enables the players to enjoy the game globally. Many of the gamers are already suspecting that team based colors, gym like location, and a wonderful world of Catan with uncountable possibilities.

This is not the first time Catan going digital. There are versions already in the market for the consoles and smartphones. These are reconstruction of the game including all the features that fans are expecting.

We all will have to wait for the launch for this title and keep an eye on the release of the game. Catan is Making its Way to World of Mobile AR Gaming, It is time to plan your settlers of Catan on a Whole new level; so just wait and watch.

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