Sanspots: How To Create A Great Amount Of Value For Money

It is really very important to understand that when you give a great value for money, your work is half done. But show me how many companies are there who do that? And if you know such companies, you should add one more company in your list and that company is Sanspots. Lets know more about this company.

About Sanspots and its services.

Sanspots is a Nagpur-based company which holds expertise in developing state of the art websites for E-Commerce, Businesses, AI Bots and also provides Security and SEO services. Sanspots has served quality service to more than 30 clients so far and very confidently and progressively moving towards the true definition of success. And for your information, I must tell you that it has been just a couple of months since this company started and they are getting widely appreciated and accepted.

Paving a pathway to success in the web-development industry.

Small- and medium-sized companies looking for a website or a re-design of their existing website may be confused by the blurred lines surrounding the terms “Web Design” and “Web Development.” This is when you should consider Sanspots because they have dedicated designers which create the website layout and then hand the design files over to a programmer who completes the development stage which is a perfect unison for the right and left brainers.

Anmol Hashmi, the man behind Sanspots says that he keeps authenticity above everything and that is the reason why we are featuring Sanspots in this article. What really makes “Sanspots” an interesting company is that they also develop AI bots. Now if you keep even a little with the news and insights of recent times, you know how important it is to understand the value of the AI bots and how they are a great way of marketing and play effective role in customer relationship development too. This particularly shows the vision of Anmol and his company Sanspots.

Vision for Success.

It is tough for a company to differentiate themselves from the crowd but Sanspots is doing it very effectively. They haven’t only shown that they are the best company in Nagpur when it comes to the needs of development and SEO services but they have also shown that if you give real value for money and serve with right attitude, you can be successful and that too in a very short period of time. We wish both Anmol and Sanspots a great luck ahead in his industry of profession and life.


The Man Who Successfully Managed The Economy Crash – Bryan Legend

The traditional financial sector has a lot of black holes. Bryan Legend with his expertise witnessed the gradual crashes in the global economy due to these weaknesses. Therefore, he thought of bringing a revolution in the financial world. Clever DeFi is a completely new concept with unique fundamentals. The Decentralized Distribution Mechanism is the primary functioning process that operates in a predetermined fashion for a short-term period. There are 888 cycles in total each consisting of 14 days. The clever token holder will get the last interest after 34 years. Moreover, the company gives a 100% guarantee with respect to compound interests, unlike any other schemes. Therefore, Bryan Legend says that it is really profitable to deal with cryptocurrencies on such a secure platform.

All About The Famous Australian Entrepreneur

Bryan Legend is a remarkable entrepreneur from Australia who reached the top only through self-confidence and non-stop dedication. With an amazing crypto-oriented brain, Bryan Legend managed to create a powerful empire. Moreover, no one can ignore his masterpiece strategies to achieve success within a short time. Legend introduces all the state-of-the-art concepts to make dealing with cryptos an effortless affair. The self-made man is actually a school drop-out. But his academic qualification is not a measure of his intelligence. Moreover, his belief to do something extraordinary definitely played an important role in pursuing something high in life. It is really important to identify lucrative opportunities to become a successful entrepreneur. The Australian young man never missed a chance to grab those golden opportunities that crossed his path. The whole world is aware of the ultimate result of his efforts, today. 

Details About Decentralized Finance

Virtual business is a common thing in the modern world with the advent of E-Commerce. However, not all people are comfortable investing their money digitally. The only reason is lack of knowledge and the existing loopholes in digital platforms. Bryan Legend tried to identify the root causes behind such loopholes and tried something new. At present, he is the CEO of Clever DeFi Pty Ltd. He realized that the present centralized system is crashing down drastically. As a result, the future of the financial sector is at a stake. Hence, decentralized finance can act as the only savior in this vital situation.

Legend’s new venture paves a new path in the crypto world. Furthermore, this brilliant technology will give power to more people, unlike the present system. Just after the launch, his new venture received innumerable attention from hundreds of people. From different corners of this world, people were highly intrigued by this smart concept. The automatic distribution of interest payments is an absolutely new concept. Moreover, every Clever token holder gets an equal opportunity to obtain all the related facilities. The transaction process begins with zero supply, and thus it is going to create a history in the finance industry. All investors can use their personal keys to store the cryptocurrencies in the wallets. Thus, it is a highly secured platform where selling and purchasing transactions have no limitations.


Private Equity Investor bets large on shorting Tech

CTC Capital Fund Management Group places large stake on behalf of long duration investments to the downside; specifically targeting Tech Sector and Nasdaq. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 has been on a move to the upside hitting new highs and recovering less than -2% from February all-time-highs in the year of 2020. As some would entail the move and consider it a Bull Rally – Fund Manager, Andrew Lim, indicates “This rally is not a new bull rally; it’s simply an attempt to recover back to all-time-highs”. In accordance to DARTS (Daily Average Revenue Trading) data across the largest brokerage firms in the U.S, over 50% of live trading is being done on the backend of retail trade, non-derivative. Firms are not taking part nor participating in buying; the other half is being derived by Dynamic Institutionalized hedging.

In the midst of a downturn, all sectors across the board are sold. During the month of March, many sectors lost in proximity from 9-50%. The monsters of tech, more specifically, your FANMAG names (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, which make up 55% of overall 70% Nasdaq Market Cap) lost in total 10% leaving those names to be favorable upon retail trade and reason to believe the Nasdaq has outperformed the remaining major indexes. Names that par well during preferably downturn markets are often seen to be the best performers during uptrend markets. With this is mind, the Nasdaq index has been seen structuring new all-time-highs while the remaining market cap and S&P 500 has been lagging behind; with capital and money rotation occurring in-between the Financial and Energy sectors.

  • 64.8+ Million Americans within Home Forbearance
  • 28.4+ and counting newly filed jobless claims
  • Talks of a Vaccine but no vaccine underway
  • Rising Covid Death Counts and closure of reopening states
  • Small Businesses and profit margins not meeting forecasted sales prior to February
  • Small Businesses no longer reopened
  • US Dollar Devaluation and the Printing of Currency
  • The Federal Reserve Junk and Corporate Bond repurchasing
  • Missed Earnings and Quarterly revenues

These are but a few reasons as to why the markets according to CTC Fund management group attest the inability to fully continue higher. “If the premise was prior to the month of March we’ve attained a marketable high, after artificial movement within the markets from the March 23rd lows (i.e. emergency rate cuts, stimulus checks, junk bond buying, corporate bond buying, retail trading etc.) what would incline one to believe things have gotten any better?” in an interview with CTC Fund manager Andrew Lim. “Many speak on behalf of the Fed having all the ammunition to uphold markets…the fed keeps buying…they keep buying!… however, what if all the ammunition in the world is still yet to be enough for the markets?- The fed has also entailed it being a slow and long recovery. – The market was not listening in 2008 and they’re still not listening now”, closing out the interview with that last statement, NPR news.


Ahmed Zulficar to support in raising tech cash for Palestinian children

“I felt that I’m responsible to support these marginalized communities,” said Ahmed Zulficar from Egypt.

In collaboration with a charity, that’s founded in 2003, works with hundreds of multi-faith and multi-cultural women and provides a safe space, as well as a variety of services including English lessons, lunch clubs for children, advice and advocacy services.

Zulficar has previously volunteered for the charity and wanted to do something to help the women in need.

“Not having access to technology will have a direct impact on the children academically as they will not be able to do their homework or meet any deadline as a result of not having something as simple as a basic laptop,”

Samar Deghaili, an outreach worker with the charity, praised Zulficar’s initiative and said he “saw the need” and was “quick to step up”.

Ahmed Zulficar added: “To manage the COVID-19 crisis, The whole world must come together.”


BarterUnit LLC – An American startup launches a worldwide privatized Universal Basic Income program

Most of us have heard of cryptocurrencies by now – virtual money that exists only as bits and bytes and that’s not subject to control by any country’s central bank. Now there’s a new player, BarterUnit LLC, an American startup that has created its own “closed-loop” currency, called the “Barter Unit”. The new currency is a privatize digital currency, designed to help combat global poverty and inequality through peer-to-peer economic collaboration.

“The Barter Unit system is designed to emancipate people from the corrupted entrapments and financial extractions of the existing monetary systems. It’s a new income distribution system with principles that provide a sense of common citizenship free from bureaucratic limitations,” says Phillip H. Perez, the Founder and CEO of BarterUnit LLC.

Most importantly the system will have an optional embedded Universal Basic Income program. The UBI initiative is designed to strengthen creativity, security, freedom and economic growth. The Barter Unit UBI agenda is to establish the following:

  1. To provide an alternative medium of exchange system to facilitate the sales, purchases, or trades of goods between parties within a “closed-looped” community.
  2. To combat a broken and disproportionate economy and empower the economically marginalized by creating and distributing an alternative digital currency system.
  3. Eliminate the existing corrupted bureaucratic rules, regulations and formalities that are caused and sustained by heartless plutocrats.
  4. Offer a free digital alternative currency system as source of capital to help people get through hard economic times.
  5. Establish a global currency system that is democratically governed and dedicated to provide economic freedom and security to all participants, free from government intervention, corporate greed, Wall Street manipulation and political corruption and coercion.

“People must realize that our economy is failing the American people and people worldwide, at an alarming rate. Rentier Capitalism (corrupted policies created by special interest groups) has destroyed our way of life. The current monetary system is exploitative and oppressive and now is time to fight back by adopting a new income distribution system, one specifically designed to protect and advance the American people (and all future foreign participants),” says Perez.

The UBI program will launch August 01, 2020 and registration will be available via the company website at on August 01, 2020. The company is set to distribute 1,000 Barter Units, per month, for life, to every qualified human, as a basic human right. We are told that the UBI program will extend to participants in other counties worldwide as well.

Additionally, Perez has informed us that merchants of all sizes and from various geographic locations can also optionally participate in the Barter Unit Economic Development Committee (BUEDC) program. The BUEDC program is designed to encourage and empower businesses to adopt and utilize the Barter Unit as an alternative purchasing power method through the process of social economic collaboration. Each qualified merchant will receive 1000 Barter Units, per month, to help boost local economies and overall implement local sustainable economic development.

Perez is a headstrong entrepreneur, determined to make independent financial structural changes for the American people. The BarterUnit LLC establishment is determined to make the Barter Unit the closest digital equivalent of physical cash without the attachment of bureaucratic constraints. 


Graham Hirst, VP of Clickajobs announces US market launch

Graham Hirst, President of UK based Clickajobs today announced the launch of to serve the post pandemic US job market. On why he decided to launch now Hirst had this to say “We have received strong support from our US customers to launch a dedicated job board in the United States and we have responded”

Local US recruiters will also be aware of the Clickajobs UK reputation and have welcomed the extra competition in the American job market. 

To help US jobseekers Clickajobs have appointed Leona Paterson as the North American Business Development Director and she has already brought on board in excess of 50 new advertisers bringing more than 1 million job adverts.  As a British national working from the corporate office in Delaware Clickajobs are able to provide a first class customer service to clients and jobseekers alike.

For more than 3 years Clickajobs has seen rapid growth and now has operations in the UK, North America, Ireland and Canada. 

“Our ethos on delivering value for money by using innovative technology has helped us weather the recent Covid-19 economic downturn and we look forward to helping our customers return to prosperity as soon as possible” Hirst continued. 


Headstart Your Business By Working With Jiten Thakkar And Acquiring Your Digital Presence

Jiten Thakkar is a digital marketer with intensive experience in digital marketing and growth hacking for startups.

If you want to improve your online presence, then there are several things you should never ignore. This is because the online presence gives your business the credibility it deserves. Your online interaction with your clients allows you to show them how you value them through excellent customer service and the types of services you provide. Getting your business online is also a great way of engaging your potential customers and giving them the confidence they need to start using your products or services. Keep reading to find out some of the tips you can use to head-start your business and acquire your digital presence.

1. Get online reviews

One of the best ways of amplifying your online presence is through gathering online reviews. Any good thing and experience that people will talk about your business will be a sure way of getting you more customers and also retaining the ones you already have. Positive reviews give confidence to those potential customers that might have had any doubts about your business. You can find several websites online that will let you list your business in order to enable you to get online reviews from your clients. Some of these sites include Yelp, Your Facebook page, Google Business Listings among other sites.

2. Monitor any mentions about your business

Another important factor to consider is what other people are saying about your business. This can help you especially if there is a negative mention about your business. You can use it to run damage control and protect the image of your business. One great way of ensuring you stay up to date in this regard is by use of Google alerts that are normally used to monitor if there are any mentions about your business online.

3. Set up your goals

You should not just proceed to build your digital presence just because you saw someone else doing it. It is, therefore, very important for you to come up with well-defined goals that will help you achieve your targets. To succeed in this, you will need to come up with goals and a time frame that you would like them to be achieved. After this, you can continually set new goals in regards to where you would like to eventually end up and the exact things you would like to accomplish after a given period. Some of the goals you might need to set up for a start might include providing adequate information about the kinds of products and services you sell, increasing your brand’s awareness, and generating leads for your awareness.

4. Learn how to build relationships

As it is very hard to come up with a business that is unique from the rest, you are bound to come across other businesses that might be related to yours. Therefore, instead of treating some of these businesses as your competitors, you should seek to build relationships with some of them.

A great way of doing this is through finding and joining communities that have individuals operating in a similar industry for you to share and exchange your ideas. It is through such communities that you are likely to find people who share the same vision as yours and start building relationships from there. Such people may help you in connecting with potential customers or partners who can go a long way in helping you build your digital presence and your brand in general.

5. Embrace social media

The use of social media like Facebook has been known to greatly boost the digital presence for a lot of businesses. Facebook, for example, is known to have over one billion users and it currently has the most users when it comes to social media platform users. Therefore, taking advantage of Facebook advertising will be a great way to start building a digital presence for your brand.

It is also very easy for you to set up and it makes it possible to set it up according to your target audience by using filters like region and interests. The best thing about social media is that it gives you the chance of being creative in terms of sharing any offers you might be running, any company updates, and even any important reminders you would like to update your clients with.

6. Design a website for your business

 A website is a great place for most people looking to learn more about the types of products and services you offer without having to physically visit the business. Therefore, a well-designed and simple website will go a long way in attracting more potential customers to your brand. You can also use your website to blog about awareness or teach people a few things related to the type of business you run.

Things like free newsletters and webinars are a great way of ensuring you gain trust among potential customers and they also help the already existing customers understand how much you value them. The website should also be in a position to answer most questions and any doubts people might have with your company.

Jiten Thakkar helps various businesses achieve their business objective by implementing various digital marketing strategies.

You can read more about him on his official website:

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @iamjitenthakkar


The Egyptian Investor Ahmed Zulficar who started with 15 Vietnamese and ended up injecting $1 million to their government

From 10 Cents to $100,000 and Beyond: How 15 Vietnamese Funded Their Businesses by the help of the Egyptian angel investor Ahmed Zulficar

The 15 entrepreneurs have pushed forward regardless of these obstacles. From burial aid to beauty products and cookies to clothing, These resourceful founders obtained the necessary cash to start and grow their businesses with the support of Ahmed Zulficar who started his partnership with 500 startups Vietnam as a Judge and ended up injecting $1 million today to support the Vietnamese state.

Zulficar has mentioned to Tech news vision, That a business is only as good as what customers think of your product.

  • Here is Zulficar’s key considerations: 
  • What are people actually willing to pay? Does your product cater to impulse buyers, or is it a time-based product
  • Where urgency is involved?
  • Will buyers pay a premium because of unique characteristics such as rush order or special features not found anywhere else?

He says solopreneurs make a risky move when they spend capital to first build a product or service only to realize there’s no demand for it, which is a common way of going bankrupt. 
If you’re starting a new venture or trying to expand an existing one, it’s crucial to understand what motivates a consumer to purchase from your shop specifically. This, too, can bankrupt inattentive solopreneurs. If you don’t know why visitors are pulling out their wallets at your store, you won’t know how much to price your goods in order to maximize profits.