Choueer Launches ChouBox,  Tech Savvy Litter Solution

Have you ever opened the door to a port-a-potty, taken one sniff, and let it slam? Yuck- the stench! This distasteful experience is what a dirty litter box is like to your cats. Cats are fastidious creatures, constantly grooming themselves and taking pride in being clean. Just like you, the last thing they want to do is go to pee and poop in a smelly cat litter box.

That’s why cats love self-cleaning litter boxes. Unlike traditional ones, they provide constant access to a fresh box of litter. The pet-loving team at Choueer just introduced ChouBox, a tech savvy automatic litter box that’s raised the bar in keeping cats happy and homes hygienic.

ChouBox’s genius is its vertical drop path that clears away clumped litter waste nearly twice as fast as its competitors. It eliminates odors by whisking feces into a hidden 10 liter sealed chamber. Unlike other models that mask smells with disinfectant sprays or ineffective carbon filters, ChouBox uses an ozone generator and UV light that actually sanitize and inhibit bacterial growth. The system is so effective, most users can go two weeks between disposing of the soiled litter.

If you’re looking for the freedom to travel and come home to a fresh-smelling home, this self-cleaning cat toilet is a terrific solution. Let’s face it, It’s much easier to get a friend or neighbor to look in on the cat when they know they don’t have to deal with the litter box. With two weeks between cleanings and zero odor leakage, ChouBox is a game-changer for both you and your furry friends.

Take advantage of early discounts and special perks HERE, when ChouBox launches Spring 2022.