Chrome for Android presently allows you to see a page before completely opening

The last significant update to mobile Chrome presented a grid layout for tabs and the ability to group them. A more minor Chrome expansion on Android today allows you to preview a page before completely opening it.

The context menu that shows up when long-pressing links presently has a “Preview page” alternative. Showing up between “Open in incognito tab” and “Copy link address,” tapping slides up a sheet for the page being referred to that covers most of your screen, yet can’t be extended further.

A top bar incorporates the site’s favicon, page name, and domain, as well as a button to open in a proper window (as a feature of groups). You can close it from the upper right corner “x” or by swiping down on the pull tab.

This expansion is shockingly valuable for specific clients, particularly considering how tabs open today. It allows you to choose whether something merits focusing on a group, and makes you more judicious about open page/queue management.

The new “Preview page” ability is carrying out to Chrome 89 for Android through a server-side update this evening. Google has been dealing with this feature for more than two years, and it’s currently prepared for prime time in the steady channel.