Clubhouse carries out new features in a bid to juice development


Social audio chat app Clubhouse is carrying out new features to assist with satisfying makers grow their audience.

The new features incorporate the ability to record and replay conservations and the ability to download 30-second clips from other social media sites.

The social application is additionally carrying out an improved search function to assist find with living and scheduled audio rooms for clients with clubs and certain interests, the organization said in its statement on Thursday.

“Right now it’s too hard for (creators) to grow,” Clubhouse’s co-creator and chief executive Paul Davison said in an interview, according to Reuters. “Anytime you help create a great moment or there’s a good quote, you can share that out far and wide, alongside a link that tells people where to go to join that club.”

This comes as Clubhouse is contending with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which have presented social audio features this year, Reuters revealed.

A portion of the new features will be accessible for clients within the next few weeks, the organization said.

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