Crypto Startup develops blockchain-based Neuromorphic Chips


The Munich-based company wants to change the crypto and AI scene. Since 2019, the startup has been working on a new type of technology that enables blockchain-based neuromorphic computing chips.

The technology surrounding the topic of neuromorphic networks has made many advances in recent years. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of research that the Munich-based company wants to carry out. Managing Director Michael Brandt explains: “We are working on a blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology”. This is intended to take advantage of the blockchain to create a better basis for the neuromorphic computing chips. These computer chips imitate the neurons of the brain and can therefore achieve very high computing power. Especially in ​​artificial intelligence, neuromorphic systems are used, but with the weak point of traceability and transparency. By implementing the blockchain, aims to significantly improve the AI ​​systems. Brandt says: “By integrating blockchain technology, the decisions of AI systems can be understood and have a disruptive effect in the long term”. The research team, consisting of 7 experienced experts, works on the technology every day and even hopes that a marketable prototype will be developed next year.

Changing the Neuromorphic Computing Market

The startup not only wants to advance technological developments, but also change the market for neuromorphic technology. For this purpose, a decentralized B2B marketplace application (DApp) is being developed, on which technology companies can exchange ideas and technologies and research results can be traded. On the platform, the companies should use the specially created token “NMP”. The smart contract based on the NMP token is stored decentrally and is used as the primary currency on the platform. In addition, a decentralized platform for supplier companies of neuromorphic hardware is to be developed. Suppliers are to be listed on the platform with quality reports and technology companies are to be made accessible.

Popular ICO and Government support

The initial coin offering of the startup ended at the end of May 2020. Almost a quarter of a million NMP tokens were sold and more than 1.5 million US dollars were raised. This result makes it clear that the research direction and the goals are accepted by the investors. The company is also hoping for active support from the Federal Republic of Germany. According to managing director Michael Brandt, applications have already been made and personal presentations have been held. If the Federal Republic of Germany supports the research initiative, the company can easily finance its activities for several years. More information about the company’s research can be found on

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