Digital Reputation Management Pioneer Five Blocks Launches GeoSearch Extension

Five Blocks, Inc. launched the GeoSearch extension in Google’s Chrome store, allowing businesses and brands with stakeholders in many different locations to see how their brand appears in Google results in multiple locations at once.

Google search results often vary depending on where the searcher is located because Google uses searcher location when determining relevance.

For example, if you are in Paris and you search for the word “tower,” Google knows that you are likely referring to the Eiffel Tower. That same search done in Tel Aviv will yield search results featuring a number of different towers, including the Tower semiconductor company, a museum in Jerusalem, and a historical landmark in old Jaffa.

GeoSearch is free, allowing users to search Google as if they were located somewhere else, especially useful for brand managers, CCOs, and PR consultants. Online brand reputation management is not complete without a serious consideration of location. Using GeoSearch, one does not need a VPN to see Google search results from any location worldwide.

The extension was originally designed as an internal tool to assist Five Blocks account leads in monitoring the online reputations of many leading brands, companies, and executives across geographies and languages. After partners and clients indicated how useful the tool was, FIve Blocks decided to release it to the general public.

“Many of our clients don’t even know that Google presents such different results for their company depending on the location of the searcher. Once they are aware, they will often choose to think more globally about their online presence,” says Sam Michelson, Founder and CEO of Five Blocks.

GeoSearch solves that problem by showing you the Google search results page as it appears in locations of your choice: All you do is enter into the extension the keyword you want to search, the city, and the language, and GeoSearch does the rest.

Here’s where to find and install the GeoSearch Extension in the Chrome store.

Five Blocks is a leading digital reputation management company that works with clients and their communication teams to plan a deliberate online reputation that tells a more complete story. The company’s proprietary IMPACT™ technology tracks millions of daily search data points, providing unique insights that enable them to build a holistic strategy, across locations and languages. The company’s team includes 40 results-oriented professionals from diverse disciplines including technology, communications, marketing, psychology, education, and intelligence.

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