Dr. Tareq Burezq is the god of prosthodontics ; the clients says .

Dr. Tareq Burezq has been keenly aware of the dangers of eating too much processed sugar. In his line of work involving prosthodontics, he has seen many sets of teeth of patients coming to him that bear the signs of extreme damage. The sort of damage that he notices is usually a result of processed sugar.

Prosthodontics is a subset of dentistry that focuses on constructing artificial appliances that are made for the restoration of oral functioning. This generally involves replacing any missing teeth. Providing suitable substitutes for the crown parts of teeth is something Dr. Tareq Burezq enjoys helping people with. He also wants to do all he can to give his patients good replacements for any teeth they may have missing. Ideally, every patient he sees will have their oral health restored as much as possible.

To become a dentist focusing on prosthodontics, Dr. Burezq went to Harvard University, where he obtained a Master of Medical Science. He also went to the University of Missouri where he became a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Before that, Dr. Tareq Bureqz received his Bachelor of Art and Science at the University of Missouri.

Today, Dr. Tareq Burezq is also endowed with two fellowships. He is a Fellow of the International College of Dentists, as well as a Fellow of the American Council of Dental Sciences. Boosting his prosthodontics credentials is a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies. 

Since he loves giving people the smile they desire, Dr. Tareq Burezq provides a wide range of dental treatments. These include cosmetic dentistry, crowns, bridges, dental implants, dentures, overdentures, prosthodontics, and teeth extraction. With many satisfied patients, he has become a rising star in dentistry and prosthodontics in particular.

Just as those who struggle with poor oral health, Dr. Tareq Burezq wants to fix malformations of teeth, gums, and jaws, as well as prevent any further problems. Treating oral diseases allows him to support people on their journey to better oral health. Issues with teeth, gums, and jaws are only rising, making looking out for your teeth increasingly important. While sugar is a major culprit in declining oral health, so is stress, which is at epidemic levels currently. As well as treating your poor oral health, it is important to take preventative measures as well.

If you are looking for a true expert in prosthodontics, then you can find Dr. Tareq Burezq in Asnan Tower, located on Al Blajat Street in Salmiya, Kuwait. His total dedication to being a master of his craft will ensure you will receive the best possible service when it comes to oral health.