Entrepreneur Scott Bartnick Mentors Others as They Start Their Online Business

As a published author and founder of four successful businesses, Scott Bartnick understands the day to day struggles of running your own business. Utilizing his Amazon store development, product development, operations management, and marketing experience, he has helped over 400 businesses launch their products and brands taking them from zero to seven figures in under two years. Like this, he mentors other entrepreneurs as they start their online businesses.

While launching one of his businesses, Bartnick discovered Instagram growth services. With that discovery and his knowledge on website development, he started working with a few clients teaching them the tricks of the trade, how to grow their social media presence, and how to monetarize their business. He started growing and reached 150 clients, and hired several full-time and part-time employees.

Based on his experience, he created a playbook. It basically is an Excel spreadsheet with different sheets of detailed steps to take in the process of creating your online business. Depending on where each client’s business is at, he will create a customized playbook that includes the steps that business is missing in order to be successful. What sort of elements does this playbook include? Criteria your manufacturer should meet. The size your packaging should be, depending on the product you will be selling. What kind of shipping and quality issues you should keep an eye on. Mostly, it is a playbook made of key elements you cannot forget about when launching your own business.

The most relevant and attractive part of his mentorship is the algorithm he has created to give you an estimate number on your sales. This algorithm takes into consideration several variables: your total cost of launch, your reorder costs, your supply chain management, your software, your product photos, and your website costs. You can also use the algorithm for each product your business would like to launch.

Bartnick decided to mentor entrepreneurs doing one-on-one monthly consults. Throughout the month, he contacts clients via email and phone calls to answer any questions they may have related to eCommerce and product launching. He offers to take a look at their business plan to proofread it, and make sure you follow the right steps and meet the appropriate standards. While consulting with them, he gives the clients access to his network and his quality inspectors to guarantee their products are good and ready to be sold. Then, when everything is ready to be launched, he gives his clients access to his personal photographer and graphic designer to work on their website, so every image looks professional and aesthetically pleasing.

After creating his own path to success as an entrepreneur and eCommerce businessperson, Scott Bartnick realized he could take advantage of his experience and utilize it to mentor other startups. Through his mentorship, he offers new online businesses help in different important areas of their eCommerce: product validation, financial analytics, product development, supply chain management, and Amazon SEO and advertising. Bartnick mentors businesses because he knows exactly how to guarantee their success. You can reach Scott at The Five Day Startup.

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