Few Important things to know regarding the best time to issue a press release!


There are many factors that influence your media coverage, starting from your relationship with a specific editor or journo to press release distribution.  Yet, there are situations when you should remember the perfect timing to send a press release. Many experienced marketers, both online and offline, will ask you not to prefer press releases. Those people have only tried it few times, and that too with a poorly constructed format. Or they didn’t put much hard work into writing. The right PR is the key to success, and it allows you to deliver keyword-rich and appropriate content to the right customers. There are so many advantages of the press release, and if it is executed properly, then it can boost your sale.

  • A PR can help you to grow your Brand’s image
  • It will make you look like an industry expert
  • Press Release can help you to grow a relationship with the influencers
  • Assists in building credibility for your business
  • Contributes towards increasing your sales and traffic

As you can see, the press release comes with so many advantages, but you will only be benefited if you issue the press release in a suitable event. There are some businesses that don’t wait for the right time to send the press release, and as a result, they don’t get featured in any media house. The newspapers and journalists won’t publish a PR only because you have a great business. There are some events that can provide a solid ground for your PR, and they are; 

  • When you launch a new business
  • On special occasions
  • Launching new services or products to market
  • After winning awards and prizes
  • Celebrating something
  • If you are giving special offers 

In spite of keeping all these things in mind, you would still hesitate to send the press release, but it happens due to the fear of getting rejected. But despite all the efforts, some PRs fail badly in the market, just because of the bad timing. Apart from everything, you need to pick up the correct time to send the PR because its timing affects the chances of your PR being picked by a media house. The journalists are very busy with their work, so it becomes very tough for them to check all the PR. Hence, you need to be careful with the timing of sending the PR, decide wisely.

The other factors also alter the best time of sending a PR. It largely depends on the publication, industry, the type of news, and the journalists. There is no perfect time for sending the PR, but you can pick the perfect day to send it after keeping these things in mind.

Some tips to help you find the best time

  • Choosing target

You need to first decide where you want your press release to appear. Like if you want your news to get published in newspapers, then the distribution time plays a big role in it. If you want to publish it on social media or any websites, then you need to know about the peak hours of engagement on various social networking sites. Choose the zenith time when people are using these sites the most, then try to post news at that particular hour.

  • Choose keywords correctly

If you want your press release to appear on different platforms, then you need to do little research. Do your research on the keywords that will be best for your topic. If you choose the keywords properly then, it improves ROI, thereby increasing the chance of your press release getting published.

  • Follow the email guidelines

If your Brand depends on the email distribution to send the press release, then you need to follow email distribution rules. Most of the PR service providers publish the reports at the right time, thereby raising their chance of getting published.

No matter what you do, your press release won’t be published if it is not newsworthy. Don’t just send the story to the media house and wait for it to get picked. The whole point of the press release is to make the content newsworthy, and if you don’t follow it, then there is no chance of getting published.

  • Take the help of digital media

If you want your press release to be more visible to your target audience, then you can take the help of the internet. Suppose you post SEO-friendly press releases on the internet; in that case, it can also help you to get customers. You can share your PR across all the social media platforms where there is more customer engagement. In this way, you can get better results.

  • Don’t go for the peak times 

If you choose an off-hour to post your PR, then it can help you to stand out from your competitors. You can keep an eye on your competitors and find out when they are posting. And when you know at what time others are posting, then you can choose the off-hours for better outcomes.

  • Try not to post during holidays

Sending your press release on holidays can affect your PR in a negative way. You can post during holidays only if you have news or offers related to holidays, else avoid it.

To help you out with sending your press release, we have conducted research in which we found out, Tuesday and Thursday are the best two days to send PR. On these days you can choose the best time to do it, which is 10 am to 3 pm. And there are few reasons behind this. 

  • At this time, the email opening rate increases up to 27%
  • The journalists are a little free comparatively
  • The journalists are mostly in search of new stories to post
  • This time has the highest PR open rates.

This may look a little weird, but it can be quite effective for any business, and if by chance you miss sending your PR, then don’t wait for another week to do it because it is better to send something than nothing. But try not to send your PR on Mondays and Fridays or weekends. You need to keep in mind not to send PR at night, early morning, or after 3 pm. Also, always check the time zone of the journalist.

Well, each one of these tips will surely aid you a lot while publishing your PR. But, to further increase the chances of your PR reaching the right people at the right time, it’s best to hire professionals and let them help you achieve your goals. 

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