Fit Flash: The current generation Superstar in the field of Heavyweight Calisthenics

Meet Fit Flash, The Strongest Heavyweight Calisthenics Athlete. Calisthenics is exercises performed with minimal equipment so it is completely natural for bodyweight training and fitness.

Fit flash is the most emerging heavyweight calisthenics athlete of the current generation.

He belongs to  Southern California. Fit Flash is the strongest heavyweight calisthenics athlete of the current time.

He has incredible body composition. His bodyweight is 109 Kg and his height is 6.5ft. Fit Flash is considered as one of the best calisthenics practitioners of the current generation.

He has a massive following on his Instagram. Through his extensive training videos, he is inspiring the many young people. He has already impacted more than 1000’s of lives till now through his training programs and personal mentorship.

Fit Flash has great understanding and experience in training and conditioning the body. He is also specialized in some other specific training forms including bodybuilding, Basketball, Football, MMA, and Boxing.

He discovered his passion in his college days, since then he had been following his passion. 

He has deep knowledge of the Calisthenics. By being extremely hardworking, he had mastered the field of calisthenics and now he is sharing his knowledge and impacting 1000’s of lives at a time.

No one ever drowned in sweat, Success isn’t given, it’s earned Excuses are for those who don’t want it bad enough. Today Fit Flash becomes immensely popular by his dedication, he is the inspiration for many young people.

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