Five Smart Apps Financial Specialists Will Love

When you work in finance, keeping up with the ever-changing world is hard. Luckily, a growing number of amazing mobile apps can make your work life easier and more efficient. While not all of them are free, they are all a significant asset for everyone who wants to stay on top of the financial markets, gain fast access to resources, process data, or share information with their clients even on the go. Whether you’re using an Android or Apple device, check out the five smart apps for financial specialists below.


A mobile scanning app at its core but capable of doing so much more, CamScanner is one of the smartest apps financial specialists or consultants can download. This app helps you capture high-resolution pictures of paper documents, receipts, invoices and transforms them into JPG or PDF files. Not only can you use your phone as a scanner, but the app is actually capable of enhancing image quality automatically, removing any background noise, and providing you with crisp-clear soft copies you can store on your phone, share via email, or save in a cloud space. But that’s not it!

This app’s greatest feature is its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that allows you to turn images into editable files for even easier editing or sharing. CamScanner works with most cloud spaces, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, and OneNote, allowing you to upload scanned docs and sync them with your colleagues or customers – it even offers over 10GB of free cloud space. Alternatively, you can share the files via email, social media platforms, or as links.


One of the biggest challenges financial specialists face is conveying their message in a way their clients can understand. Creating comprehensive graphs and charts can take up a lot of your time, or you could use Roambi.

This smart mobile tool allows you to visualize, transform, and share data clearly and professionally. It also allows you to gather and work with data from different sources simultaneously and provides insights. In the end, Roambi will enable you to create attractive graphics and reports everyone can understand. Whether your data means good or bad news, this app will undeniably help you deliver it in a way that highlights the point you’re trying to make.

HP 12c Calculator App

Anyone working in finance knows that a good calculator isn’t just a tool; it is the tool you can’t do without. And if you miss your good old HP 12c calculator, then this app surely deserves a special place in your smartphone.

Featuring the exact layout and functions seen in its physical counterpart, the HP 12c boasts a great mix of statistic, business, and math functions. Use it to calculate loan payments, interest rates and conversions, standard deviations, cash flows, bonds, percentages, TVM, NPV, IRR, and more.

Not only is this app perfect for financial consultants and analysts, accountants, and economists, it is also an excellent asset for real estate and insurance agents, as well as anyone else who needs a calculator for general business purposes. Indeed, no matter how simple or complex the issue, the HP 12c calculator app will help you figure out the right result.

Calc XLS

Spreadsheets are a constant in a financial specialist’s life, but few services are as complete and easy to use as Calc XLS. This mobile app gives you the power to create compelling and captivating spreadsheets directly on your smartphone or tablet. It is very intuitive and easy to use, giving you the possibility to save the file on your device, share it via email, print, or upload on Dropbox for easier access and sharing with your team or clients.


As a financial specialist assisting your clients even on the go, you deserve to send invoices and get paid even when you’re away from your desk or office. An easy way to do so is with Freshbooks.

This mobile invoicing app is perfect for accounting and not only. Besides giving you the possibility to create and send professional invoices from a mobile device, Freshbooks also allows you to communicate with your clients and answer their questions.

Instant notifications also make it easy to see when your clients viewed their invoices and alert you when invoices become overdue. Just what you need for working on the go without missing such an important step.