‘Fortnite’ prepares a ‘GI Joe’ character with a coordinating activity figure

It’s not, at this point uncommon to see activity figures for video game characters, however an activity figure intended to go with the character is generally uncommon — and Epic Games wants to check it out. The engineer has released a Fortnite outfit for GI Joe’s Snake Eyes close by an upcoming Hasbro activity figure dependent on that skin. You’ll need to burn through $40 to pre-order that real-world figure and stand by until January 2022 to get it, however it very well may be engaging on the off chance that you like the mysterious ninja enough to want a physical memento.

Snake Eyes will turn out of Fortnite’s shop at an unspecified point.

The collaboration is a not-so-subtle plug for the Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins film probably debuting in October 2021. It’s a long way from the principal major Fortnite tie-in, obviously — you’ll discover everything from soccer players to superheroes in the fight royale shooter. Notwithstanding, it’s get Epic is fanning out with launches that stretch out past the actual game.

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