Frank Song creates million-dollar companies after being homeless at the age of 14

Coming from a troubled background or lacking resources is not one of the elements which can hinder your prospects. With the same belief, Frank Song decided to fight against all odds and rise to face the difficulties of the world. Homeless at 14, with a mother who was suffering from a psychological ailment and a father who was vulnerable to substance abuse, Frank had no conventional childhood. Instead,he was laden with all the responsibility of a household. At the age of 17, when teenagers are encouraged to find their passion and study, Frank was dealing in real estate to save money for his higher education and to provide for his family. Over the years, he has been able to build multi-million dollar companies.

Previously, Frank worked as an investor at a private equity firm in California. His job demanded the structuring of leveraged buyouts and growth equity investments into mainly technology-based companies. Prior to this, he was selected to work at one of the oldest investment banks on wall street, where he worked with executives to complete acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs. Currently, he is an investor and confidential strategy advisor, where he imparts his knowledge and skills to partner with companies to grow their businesses. Frank is known to master the art of strategizing business marketshare growth to garner maximum benefits for the company.

Frank believes practicing being resourceful will help you get over a bad situation. Being homeless makes you prone to many things that can either leave a positive impact or a negative one. It solely depends on your perspective and attitude to tackle the problem and rise above all. Frank believes that a valuable,important life lesson is to not shy away from seeking knowledge. Especially when you are a teenager, your zeal and passion can make you stand out, allowing mentors to extend their assistance.

Moreover, Frank advises youngsters and beginners to constantly seek mentors to help them grow and achieve their goals faster. He believes that there are two ways that people learn useful life pearls of wisdom and knowledge. Either they make mistakes themselves, eventually reflect and learn that lesson, or they can listen to someone else who’s already made a mistake and avoid it without experiencing it themselves. This is why Frank believes having mentors in his life is key to his success and why he recommends it to all young people too.