From West Canada into the world – Canadian top model Billy Arora


How a Canadian equestrian rider went into the world of modelling and into the world from there.

Billy Arora saw her mother work as a model with IMG when she was still a kid but little did she know she would walk her own way represented by the same agency years later.

After years of dedicating all her time to horse riding, the then 18 year old decided to became a holistic nutritionist and then dedicate her full time to fashion modelling.

Her journey has taken her to Europe, New York City and Los Angeles so far and the opportunity to travel and see the world all while creating is what she’s so grateful for. 

The Canadian with the mesmerizing eyes spent plenty of time travelling in Europe, a place that is very dear to her and she loves coming back to, intrigued by its various mix of culture, landscape and rich history.

Los Angeles became her home of choice after spending time in New York the year before.

The beaches and coastlines remind her of her hometown in Canada but the city gives her the constant novelty and excitement that she needs.

Apparently it’s the perfect mix and we’re always jealous seeing the breathtaking sunsets she shares from her LA condo in her Instagram stories. Keep them coming, Billy.

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