Globetrotters: Interview with Michelangelo Azzariti


Michelangelo’s digital content creator, photographer, and blogger specialized in the travel sector, Michelangelo Azzariti begins his journey by publishing travel photos on Instagram where he creates a community of over 66 thousand followers. The passion for travel thus becomes a real profession that has been carrying on since 2017 through a dense network of collaborations with travel companies at an international level.

1. What does traveling mean to you?

Traveling means growing. It is very difficult for a journey not to enrich because it always proceeds in sync with introspection in which you have the opportunity to discover new sides of yourself, new resources but also new limits, learning to know each other a little more. Each journey is a step towards increasing one’s awareness of oneself.

2. What sets you apart from other travel influencers?

Actually, I don’t really like to call myself an influencer. I prefer the term “digital content creator” because the fact that my content on the web can influence an audience is in my opinion secondary. Compared to what differentiates me from my colleagues, when I started this profession I had in mind the project to create a communication style in the travel field that gave equal importance to photography and words. Although I mainly deal with visual communication and photography, writing is a great passion of mine and I like to dedicate the time they deserve to choosing words.

3. How much do you travel for work and how do you choose the destinations?

In reality, I travel almost exclusively for work. When this is not the case, I like to discover destinations not too far away, sometimes staying in Italy. When I independently choose a destination, I tend to orient myself towards a city, because I love its soul and uniqueness. I often create photo albums by collecting inspirations from colleagues I trust most and build a tailor-made itinerary, with long and awake times at dawn to get in touch with the most authentic soul of a place, or while waking up.

4. Traveling means sharing. Would you like to collaborate with some travel influencers?

It’s true: traveling means sharing, which is why the experiences that I carry most in my heart are those that I shared with travel companions to whom I am fond of. Often these are precisely colleagues, with whom a special alliance is created, who become real friends.

5. Do you have colleagues from whom you take inspiration?

Yes, there are many and they all give me something that I convert into something unique in my photos; I admire a lot @ManuelaVitulli from Apulia region like me, the guys from @Voiago, the guys from @TheGlobbers, the guys from @Miprendoemiportovia and many others

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