Google Calendar invites presently let you decide to attend events virtually

Presently that COVID-19 immunizations are accessible, organizations and offices have begun requesting that their representatives go into the workplace a small bunch of times each week. It very well may be trying to plan meetings for hybrid workplace environments, however, when individuals are truly present in office premises on various days and at various occasions. That is the reason Google has updated the RSVP feature for Calendar that will make it more appropriate for adaptable workplace models.

The tech monster has carried out new RSVP alternatives for Calendar invitations. Presently, when you click “Yes” to a meeting invite on the Calendar interface, you’ll see a drop-down menu that gives you an approach to demonstrate whether you’re going to it essentially or face to face. Both the meeting coordinator and the visitors will perceive how participants plan to show up when they take a gander at the event detail. Individuals who clicked “Yes” will have icons close to their names that relate to their choice.

All things considered, Google says the new RSVP choices are not imparted to clients on different platforms, like Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, they’ll just appear on Google Calendar itself right now, however the organization says the alternatives will be accessible in Gmail invites “soon.”