Google doodle celebrates Slovakia’s Freedom and Democracy Day

Happy Freedom and Democracy Day, Slovakia!

The present Doodle observes Slovakia’s Freedom and Democracy Day, a yearly occasion recognizing two courageous student fights isolated by 50 years of history.

On November 15, 1939, a thousands of students in the former nation of Czechoslovakia took a chance with their lives to fight the German powers that had involved the nation.

A little more than 50 years after the fact, on November 17, 1989, a quiet understudy showing giving recognition to those occasions started the start of the Velvet Revolution and the nation’s possible independence from Soviet standard.

The present Doodle portrays Slovakia’s national flag, which was set up instantly before Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993.

At the left of the flag sits Slovakia’s notable emblem, whose plan can be followed back longer than a thousand years to the Byzantine Empire.

The flag’s red, white, and blue components speak to the Pan-Slavic tones, first picked by the Pan-Slavic Congress of 1848.