Google Doodle Celebrates The Dragon Boat Festival 2020


Every year on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar schedule, revelers run to the banks of streams and trenches to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, or Duanwujie. Going back over 2,000 years, the occasion is regarded with special traditions in nations the whole way across Asia. Among the most famous conventions in numerous nations are the mythical serpent pontoon races, which draw groups from around the globe to contend in beautifully painted vessels, similar to those portrayed in the present Doodle fine art.

Percussion rings out over the water as a drummer on each vessel keeps the rowers in a state of harmony. As the groups approach the completion, the most deft racers can regularly be seen extending far away the fronts of their vessels; the first to grab a banner from a float or cross the end goal gains their group the triumph.

In the mean time, onlookers are known to appreciate one of the occasion’s most mainstream treats called zongzi. These triangular dumplings of clingy rice can be topped with meat or egg yolk and are commonly tied up in leaves. Furthermore, it’s accepted that in the event that you can adjust an egg upstanding around early afternoon, you’ll have good karma for a year.

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