Google Duo’s auto-framing feature is accessible on Samsung’s Galaxy S21

At the finish of a year ago, we revealed that Google Duo’s auto-framing feature was en route to Samsung Galaxy gadgets. Following the launch of the Galaxy S21 series, the official Twitter represent Android has affirmed the feature will surely be accessible when the new gadgets become accessible later this month.

“Take your video chats up a notch with Auto-framing on Google Duo, so you can look your best when catching up with the people that matter most,” the Android account said.

In case you’re new, Google Duo’s auto-framing feature automatically keeps clients front and center during video calls, so you chat hands-free and do different things while conversing with loved ones. It’s almost similar to having your very own cameraman. The feature was beforehand exclusive to Pixel gadgets before it turned out to Galaxy phones a year ago.

Interestingly, Google Duo’s support page actually says that auto-framing is exclusive to the Pixel 4, despite the fact that that hasn’t been valid for months. Google features often make their way to Samsung gadgets, so it’s nothing unexpected to see the feature going to the Galaxy S21 series. Now, it is ideal to see Google make the feature accessible on all new Android gadgets.

The Galaxy S21 series was presented a week ago and is set to open up on January 29. There’s now a great deal to like about the new gadgets, including features like WiFi 6E in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, however having added advantages like Google Duo’s auto-framing feature makes the deal even better. It makes for a more agreeable, polished experience.

With lockdown limitations still set up because of COVID-19, services like Google Duo are more important than ever for staying in touch. On the off chance that the service’s auto-framing feature is important to you, at that point the Galaxy S21 is definitely worth considering.

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