Google Fiber will provide 2 Gig internet for $100 a month beginning this year

Google Fiber will twofold the greatest web speed offered to its clients beginning in the not so distant future from 1 Gbps to 2 Gbps, the organization reported for the current week. The new arrangement will cost $100 per month, $30 more than the organization’s current 1 Gbps choice. Notwithstanding, just downloads will be offered at the new greatest speed; transfers will stay at 1 Gbps. With the new arrangement, Google says it will give clients an undefined “new Wi-Fi 6 router and mesh extender” to benefit as much as possible from the new speeds.

Pilots of the new arrangement are because of commencement in Nashville, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama, one month from now, with a full rollout in the two urban areas anticipated later in the year. The organization says it at present offers Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass (which utilizes over-the-air transmission instead of fiber optic links) in 19 urban areas in the US. 2 Gbps pilots are because of start in its different business sectors not long from now, with a rollout in “many” urban communities in mid 2021.

This is the main major new item declaration from Google Fiber since it began eliminating items to zero in on its rapid internet providers. Last December, it quit offering 100 Mbps web to new clients, and recently, it dropped its TV bundle offering. A Google Fiber leader recently said that the expense of obtaining video content was a major obstacle to turning the administration out more generally. With the 2 Gbps rollout, it would appear that we’re at last observing the products of Google Fiber’s more engaged way to deal with fast web.

In case you’re in a Google Fiber city and keen on pursuing the quicker assistance, at that point you can do as such over on its site, where you’ll have to give your email address and road address.