Google is re-including a Calendar application to Android Auto so you can perceive how to receive to your next arrangement


Google is releasing another update to Android Auto that permits the vehicle programming to recapture a portion of its smarts. This incorporates bringing back the Calendar application, which permits you to see data on your next arrangement and get driving bearings in the event that you’d added an area to the schedule section. Google recently expelled the Calendar application from its last upgrade in 2019, supplanting it with a catch that just read your arrangements for all to hear utilizing the Google Assistant as opposed to giving you anything on the screen.

The new update likewise adds applicable alternate ways to the Calendar application — so in the event that you have to get a birthday cake, for example, you will have the choice to either call the pastry shop or pull up bearings to arrive. Apple presented a comparative schedule include in 2019 that permitted its CarPlay clients to pull up bearings and consider arrangements to be a piece of its iOS 13 update.

Beside bringing back the smarts to its Calendar application, Google additionally reported today that it is working with “early access partners” to help make new applications and classes for Android Auto, including route, leaving, and electric vehicle charging. Google has not said how those applications will be appropriated. In the event that the tests are fruitful, Google will cause those APIs freely accessible, so other programming designers to can begin constructing new applications for its vehicle programming.

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