Google Maps seems, by all accounts, to be testing a new route option UI

With movement at present feeling more like a need instead of something you accomplish for entertainment only, you’re presumably not utilizing Google Maps however much you did already. Be that as it may, it would seem that the Google Maps application on Android is testing a UI refresh for the route option section.

Should you fire up Google Maps and want directions to or from a location, you might be sufficiently fortunate to see another route option UI. The change doesn’t give off an impression of being generally accessible however was spotted by the group over at XDA, with the map view being less obscured by portions of the traditional UI.

There are a few changes to the beginning and destination input top bar, which presently floats over the more extensive map view. Transportation options hope to have moved as well – never again are they joined to the route option portion at the top of your Google Maps window.

Every transportation mode — from bicycle to taxi — is currently found in a scrollable list within the bottom half of your display. This may make it simpler to reach on bigger displays, however it’s a major change that, at least on first inspection, feels somewhat convoluted. There is additionally another “Options” button from within this bottom bar that will probably permit you to change route stipulations and toll roads, and so on.

This new route option UI isn’t actually generally turned out and is likely just being tested with certain Google Maps clients out there. It certainly looks a lot cleaner, however the current execution isn’t actually hard to use or understand.

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