Google Photos makes ‘Explore’ tab and fast access to ‘Favorites’ on the web

Following a year ago’s enormous Android and iOS redo, Google Photos on the web is getting a coordinating “Explore” tab and “Favorites” shortcut.

Navigation on was streamlined in July following the mobile update, which additionally presented the simplified logo.

Google is presently adding an “Explore” page that is essentially what might be compared to the Android and iOS “Search” tab.

It offers a few carousels — People, Places, and Things — that span the whole screen, with “View all” allowing you to see everything with a dense grid view. This page likewise houses links to Your Activity, Creations, and Categories.

The dedicated page permits Google to work on the online Photos search experience. To be specific, tapping simply opens a compact dropdown as opposed to a long list that takes up the whole screen and hides the background. You currently get a list of recent queries, Favorites, and nine faces.

The other Google Photos web change today adds “Favorites” to the Library section. While apparently a small upgrade, it’s presently a lot snappier to see all that you have featured.

Starting today, these changes are not yet broadly carried out. It comes as the Android tablet experience quietly got a major update in January, which is as yet missing from iPads.