Google produces it simpler to transfer Gmail photos to Google Photos


Google is adding another “Save to Photos” button to Gmail which you can press to automatically save an emailed image to Google Photos, the organization has reported. It’s carrying out to personal Gmail clients, Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business clients over the next couple of weeks and will be accessible close by the current “Add to Drive” button. Shockingly it just works on JPEGs until further notice. Sorry PNG stans.

It’s a fun opportunity to get a more helpful approach to add pictures to Google Photos, on the grounds that the service’s storage options are getting a major upgrade on June 1st. Around then, the service’s unlimited storage for “high quality” photos will disappear and will be supplanted with a 15GB cap. Importantly, any pictures transferred before the change comes into force will not tally towards the new limit.

At the end of the day, begin smashing that “Save to Photos” button and capitalize on your free transfers while they’re as yet accessible.

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