Google TV Android application prepares remote control interface

Google has totally patched up the Play Movies and TV application as Google TV, and it would appear that the new application is going to get some greater functionality.

9to5Google has revealed a few strings that point at the reconciliation of an on-screen remote, apparently supplanting the maturing Android TV Remote Control application last updated in 2017.

The proof comes as a feature of the most recent Google TV release, version 4.25 (APK Mirror). In it, 9to5Google figured out how to enact a matching interface to start the association between an Android TV gadget and the application, yet the component actually appears to be under early improvement as the application couldn’t discover any gadgets, neither by means of Wi-Fi nor Bluetooth.

The UI looks dubiously like the one in the first Remote Control application, so we accept that Google is simply deciding on a straight port of the core functionality.

With the UI elements effectively set up and given that the first Android TV remote control application hasn’t been updated for years, we wouldn’t be amazed if Google added the functionality as soon as possible. At the point when the opportunity arrives, the organization will likely resign the old application.

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