Google unobtrusively closes support for its augmented reality Measure application


Google has executed a large number of applications and features before, which isn’t unexpected for a particularly monstrous corporation. The most recent loss? Its expanded reality Measure application, which it has unobtrusively resigned, as seen by Android Police. Measure began as an application for the tech monster’s dead Tango AR platform until Google extended its accessibility to all cell phones supporting ARCore in 2018.

AP has found the application will presently don’t appear on Google Play in the event that you haven’t recently introduced it on your gadget. In the event that it’s as yet on your phone, its posting presently expresses that the “application is not, at this point upheld and won’t be refreshed.” However, you’ll have the option to keep utilizing it if it’s actually introduced.

Like its name suggests, the application transforms your gadget into a virtual tape measure that you can use to know the dimensions of real-world objects — you’ll basically need to point your camera at them. In light of the surveys clients left on Google Play, however, the application was flimsy and inclined to crashes. Its estimations additionally weren’t exactly precise, and its highlights were really cart. While the organization carried out more unit changes for it a year ago, the application’s huge updates were not many and far in the middle. Seeing as its improvement had been moderate and irregular, its downfall has likely been bound to happen.

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