GoPower Elite – My New BBF (Best Blending Friend)

It’s no secret that health-conscious people are big fans of blending. Personal blenders are essential staples in many households, right up there with toasters, coffee makers, and microwave ovens. Blending whole vegetables, fruits, and protein powders with superfoods like walnuts, flax seeds, goji berries and spirulina into a customized smoothie is about the easiest way to deliver boatloads of nutrients to your body. Healthy fats like avocado seed oil, coconut milk, and MCT oil are terrific additions, as are liquid or powdered supplements that target specific health concerns.

If you’re new to the blending community, the variety of options and ingredients can seem a bit overwhelming. It’s not only a question of what to put in your blender, but what combination of ingredients will deliver the results you want, plus be tasty at the same time. No one wants to drink green swamp water, right?

But what if you had a Michelin chef, certified nutritionist, fitness consultant and uplifting blending community to guide you? That sort of support would eliminate the guesswork and result in nutrient dense deliciousness every time. If the overwhelm is blocking your confidence from getting started on blending, let me introduce you to your new best blending friend: GoPower Elite by Cocinaré.

GoPower Elite is so much more than a state-of-the-art personal blender. Each device includes an exclusive Smart App Membership with over 500 curated recipes with such enticing names as Fig Power, Cranberry Bliss, Chocolate Covered Berries and Green Madness. The app also features nutritional support and customized smoothie diet plans targeting weight loss, muscle-building, and immunity.

Because it’s small (but mighty!) and has such a comprehensive app, the GoPower Elite is perfect for beginner blenders who are ready to take their nutrition, health and fitness to the next level. Once you’ve become addicted to blending – trust me, you will! – you’ll be taking it everywhere you go: workouts, hiking, office, carpool, or just chilling at the beach. GoPower Elite means fool-proof delicious nutrition anytime, anywhere. So ready, set, blend!