Hasan Jaffri Has An Excellent Advice For Those Who Want To Be Producers

Hasan Jaffri, a producer based in Texas is creating ripples in the global music industry at a young age. He loved beats since his early years and started creating music as a hobby. But the charm of his music worked wonders and got him a huge fan following.

Hasan runs a studio in downtown Dallas but has worked with music artists globally. From names like Trap Manny, Killy, Don Q to Diljit Dosanjh, AP Dhillon, Jubin Nautiyal and Pritam he has worked with many bigwigs.

In his career so far, Hasan Jaffri has co-produced songs like Flood My Wrist by A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Ground Works by Killy. And in future, he has some more unreleased songs coming soon with a few artists. Richi Souf’s work has put a great impact on the creativity of Hasan who is also his mentor. “He has been helping me learn more about bettering my craft for the past 2 years,” says Hasan.

Hasan Jaffri has achieved great success at such a young age but he’s quite different from his contemporaries. Unlike many, he doesn’t chase money but works on improving his skills so that he entertains his fans in an even better way. He loves what he does so he tries to get better at it with each passing day.

Hasan wants to leave a legacy that inspires people to do what makes them happy and what they think is best for them and their future. While talking to Disrupt Magazine earlier he said, “The best advice I can tell someone who wants to be a producer is, if it sounds good to you then keep going. Time will tell, when it’s the right time for you to move up in your music career “

Talking about his plans 5 years down the line, Hasan says he sees himself as one of the best producers around. “Everything is in my hands now I gotta decide what to do moving forward, I have a lot of songs in the vault but we will see what happens.“ he says.