Here’s Why You Should Hire A Fire Watch Guard

Every year fires cause billions of dollars of property damage and loss of human lives across all of America. While the chances of a fire outbreak can never be completely nullified fire watch guards provide you with much better odds and are a must for businesses like restaurants, workshops, and theatres.

Who’s A Fire Watch Guard?

A fire watch guard is a trained professional or a team of professionals specializing in the prevention of fire hazards. Fire watch guards are known to stop the fire in or before its initial stage. It’s a temporary or permanent service specialized for business or property owners looking to safeguard their assets from potential fire damage.

Fire watch guards are specifically trained to detect potential fire hazards way before they cause any actual damage. They are highly trained mostly consisting of former firefighters and other similar personnel. Fire watch guards are especially useful when fire alarm systems and equipment are off-limit or un-operational and can provide an immediate response to fire before the arrival of the fire brigade. For locations far away or out of reach from fire stations, it is an absolute must to have a fire watch guard present onsite at all times.

What Does A Fire Watch Guard Do?

Fire watch guards prevent fires from occurring and in case of an occurrence put it out before it progresses on to the deadly or catastrophic stage. This is achieved through regular checkouts and 24/7 patrol of the property/establishment. These patrols are performed at scheduled times during day and night taking into account places with high chances of fire outbreaks like kitchens and workshops. The fire watch guards are quick to respond to gas leaks or any other potential fire-causing problems. If a fire is spotted, however, they are quick to respond to the emergency and put it out before the fire gets out of hand.

Why Should You Hire A Fire Watch Guard/Services?

Prevention Of Legal Penalties: If your property or establishment’s fire alarm systems are temporarily out of order, the NFPA or local ordinance demands you have a certified fire watch guard present at all times. Failing to do so will lead to massive fines and even shutdown. The hired fire watch guard must be certified to do the job.

Quick Response: In case a fire breaks out depending on your location the fire brigade might take too long or even be out of reach. Having fire watch guard services provides an immediate and quick response to any fire outbreaks saving precious time and resources and most importantly human lives. The quick response also ensures that any occasional fire doesn’t make it past the initial stage.

24/7 Surveillance: A fire hazard can occur anytime at the break of dawn, in the dark of night. A fire watch guard provides 24/7 surveillance round the clock by conducting routine checks and timely patrols day and night. The fire watch guard services also keep detailed logs which are crucial and can only be accessed by the fire department and owner of the property. This information can be shared with the fire department for speedy fire suppression in case of a breakout.