How Hair Styling Expert Ajkune Ahmetaj Is Reshaping The Beauty Industry With Her Signature Styles?


Ajkune Ahmetaj, who is a celebrated hairstylist, is a recognized name in the beauty and hairstyling industry known for her signature styles.

Her career as a hairstyling artist has been progressive since she stepped into the field and now, her styles and practices are working as a driving force behind reshaping the standards of the beauty industry. Ajkune Ahmetaj specializes in curating hair coloring, hair styling, hair extensions, shampoo, and lipstick products. She is also trying to scale up her services after realizing the dependency of salons in today’s time.

Ahmetaj was born in Kosovo, but she moved to Switzerland just a few years later, where she found her passion for hairstyling. She tried to make her equipped with all the information and joined a three-year professional course. Meanwhile, she was also working in a professional capacity and sharpening her skills.

Right after she completed her course, Ahmetaj opened her own salon in Switzerland to gain more individuality and independence in her niche. Soon, she finally started seeing her efforts being successful and she rose to fame as one of the most recognized and renowned professionals as a Swiss-Alabanian hairdresser.

With her determination, she was soon hailed as the blonde expert by her customers. Though her services are inclusive of people from all classes and statuses, but her clientele is also spreading more and more among celebrities. Till now she has worked with various celebrities including, Tanya, Elvana Gjata, Dafina Zeqiri, Kida, etc.

Her proactive approach in the industry helped her to create incredibly and transformative looks for these celebrities, which not only became a social media phenomenon but also made them feel confident and beautiful about themselves. These signature styles by Ajkune Ahmetaj have been revolutionary in reshaping unrealistic beauty standards.

As someone who witnessed toxic practices in the beauty industry that many individuals, as well as stylists, use to stick to the untasteful and unrealistic standards of beauty, she is committed to making them realize that true beauty is not something that we can achieve by changing our body, but it is something that gives us the liberty to feel happy the way we are.

To give the people their lost self-esteem, she is creating some signature styles that are inclusive of everyone. Using these signature styles, she is proving that we can only become close to the idea of perfection by embracing our imperfections. And nobody should feel obligated to look a certain way in order to be beautiful.

Needless to say, her signature styles have been more than successful in restoring the faith of people in just being themselves and they were also recognized on a much larger scale that made her reach millions of people.

She soon became a social media sensation where people couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her hairstyles. Her services were also backed by influencers and celebrities who were her customers and received their desired results. Along with that she also collaborated with various celebrities to reach a larger audience to get her message across.

All her efforts and hard work have been successful in establishing her as the leader in the hairstyling world and made her garner a huge Instagram following of 1.2 million followers. Her career not only serves as an example for aspiring entrepreneurs, but it also teaches others about the importance of waking in the current era.

Along with being a professional hair artist, she is also a philanthropist who believes in giving back to society.  She believes that charity is a great way to provide your career with a sense of purpose and one can also choose this act of kindness as a way to show some appreciation.

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