How to impact the business industry at such an young age


Jason Alvarez-Cohen is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and a tech entrepreneur. Jason completed his studies at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2018, after growing up in Berkeley, California. He grew interested in the commercial side of life after completing his computer science degree. He is currently the CEO, Co-Founder, and Chief Engineer of Popl, a Los Angeles-based technology business that is building the next generation business card.

Jason came up with the idea to start his own company after learning about NFC technology at a party in the Hollywood Hills. He was caught aback when he someone used an old-fashioned NFC business card on his phone. His first thought was, “Why do you even need to carry the physical card? Why not just share using your phone?”  Jason took this concept and invented the back of the phone tag, called a “Popl” today.

Jason and his co-founder Nick Eischens have always been quite gregarious since college. When they first discovered NFC technology, their first thought was to use it to share information with others so that they could instantly connect with people they met. Jason states that Facebook and Instagram are currently the primary sources of Popl’s marketing, and that their ambassador program has attracted a large number of people interested in working with Popl. According to him, their ambassador program has over 20,000 participants. When a new Popl is purchased with an ambassador’s code, the ambassador receives a 25% commission.

Jason can be found on social media (@jasonalco on Instagram and LinkedIn), where he provides advice on how to establish a business as well as updates on his own company, Popl.

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