iOS 14.5 allows you to set Spotify and others as Siri’s default music service

iOS 14.5 seems as though it will be pressed with features, including the ability to utilize your Apple Watch to unlock an iPhone with Face ID while you’re wearing a mask and support for next-gen console controllers.

However, clients who have just installed the beta found another incredible feature: you’ll have the option to select a third-party default music service when you request to play a song utilizing Siri — including Spotify (through MacRumors).

At the point when you ask that Siri play a song on iOS 14.5, you might be incited to select which application you want to use to play it, as indicated by a screenshot shared on Reddit.

Different clients on Reddit have announced a few contrasts in the feature’s behavior too, so there may in any case be a few kinks for Apple to resolve in front of iOS 14.5’s public release. Since this feature is as yet in beta, there’s consistently a possibility it very well may be changed or taken out before iOS 14.5 comes out.

The ability to set a default music app follows Apple’s invite move to allow clients to set their default mail or browser customers beginning with iOS 14. You’re ready to set default mail or browser applications in settings, however how to set a default music app in settings.

Perhaps Apple will add that down the line. All things considered, having the option to set a default music player for Siri requests in this beta is a pleasant advance forward. Hopefully Apple allows clients to set more defaults in future updates.