Japanese specialists make a ‘smart mask’ to secure against COVID-19


A Japanese technology company has built up another Bluetooth-powered smart mask that utilizes a speaker to enhance an individual’s voice.

Called ‘c-mask,’ the gadget can likewise van individual’s speech into text and afterward make an translate it into eight unique languages through a cell phone application.

The mask was created by Donut Robotics, which at first raised 7,000,000 yen, or around $260,000, to finance its improvement through the Japanese crowdfunding site Fundinno.

As indicated by Donut, around 5,000 covers are right now wanted to be delivered and circulated in Japan this September, where they’ll retail for 3,980 yen, or around $37.

The company will likewise charge an extra month to month membership expense to get to interpretation administrations, as indicated by a report in Japan Today – however the specific estimating hasn’t been declared.

The supported languages incorporate English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

Clients will likewise have the option to utilize the mask’s built-in microphone to make accounts of conferences that will at that point be put away on the associated cell phone.

The mask was structured as a shell that is intended to slide over any standard business veil used to secure against COVID-19 transmission, with the lashes going through two little cuts on either side.

The mask was based, to some degree, on one of the company’s prior activities, a work area partner robot called ‘Cinnamon’ that is utilized at front counters and client support stands to help answer fundamental inquiries.

‘We worked hard for years to develop a robot and we have used that technology to create a product that responds to how the coronavirus has reshaped society,’ Donut Robotics’ Taisuke Ono said.

Donut at last expectations it will have the option to discharge the veil outside of Japan, and says it has gotten solid enthusiasm from purchasers in the US, Europe, and China.

The c-mask could advance to help different capacities too, including some increased reality highlights, which Donut says will be conceivable to execute utilizing an implicit Wifi recipient.

In any case, the company hasn’t depicted exactly how AR highlights would be coordinated into the mask.

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