Learn some of the best entrepreneurship tips from leading information security researcher, investor and entrepreneur Jaime Manteiga.

The Cuban-American young tech entrepreneur serves as the proud CEO of his firms, TapTok and Venkon Corp.

No matter how much ever we talk about how different people across varied industries have believed in their dreams and taken necessary efforts to make it huge in their areas of interest, it always feels that so many more discussions are needed around them. The clear reason for this is that all these individuals from different sectors are emerging as prominent personalities and through their life stories, challenges, struggles and wins have been inspiring the gen-next. If it is about the IT and cybersecurity sector, Jaime Manteiga’s name surfaces on the top, as a young tech entrepreneur who knew what his heart sought and worked incessantly to become an eminent entrepreneur and investor in the field, with increasing his expertise as an information security researcher.

As a passionate Cuban-American technology entrepreneur, below are some of the best entrepreneurship tips he lays out for many other aspiring professionals across industries.

• Build a solid business plan: Some people believe in going with the flow, but Jaime Manteiga explains that it is essential to build a solid business plan to set a stronger foothold in the industry. He says planning is crucial for attaining the success people desire. One must clearly define their skills, weaknesses, the products/services they offer, what is unique in them, how they plan to grow their business, etc.
• Ask for help when needed: Many new entrepreneurs fear to ask for help from other professionals or some even think they know it all. However, it is essential to know and understand that as an aspiring entrepreneur, one will lack the knowledge of important information and trade tricks. Since, there are many resources out there for networking, advice and knowledge sharing; one can ask for support and discuss fresh ideas.
• Build a robust team: Only gathering people under one roof is not enough to attain success as an entrepreneur. To become a successful name, entrepreneurs must look out for people who understand their visions and collectively work towards the same. Also, Jaime Manteiga suggests people to be open to new suggestions and opinions.
• Keep learning: Just because one has attained a certain position or status in their respective field, doesn’t mean one must stop learning in life. Jaime Manteiga highlights that learning each day and knowing new things will only thrust entrepreneurs forward in their sectors, making them more successful.

Jaime Manteiga, a leader in the tech world, with his excellence in aligning security architecture, plans, controls, policies, procedures, and processes with security standards and operational goals has attained an exceptional status in the industry.