LeBron James bothered by fans during the Los Angeles Lakers game, refs quickly stop play

There were a set number of fans in Atlanta, Ga., Monday night because of the Covid pandemic, however that didn’t seem to stop Los Angeles Lakers whiz LeBron James from getting in a warmed contention with some along the sidelines.

Hecklers seemed to jaw with James during the final quarter of the challenge between the Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks, which prompted referees halting play and security getting included, as per a video of the incident posted on Twitter.

The fans being referred to purportedly included two ladies who were accompanied from State Farm Arena. One of them gave the middle finger on out, as per The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner. James later referred to one as “Courtside Karen” in a tweet.

James seemed to shake off the occurrence, scoring 21 points, as the Lakers defeated the Hawks 107-99.

“At the end of the day, I’m happy fans are back in the building,” James said after the game. “I miss that interaction … We as players need that interaction.”

He offered a somewhat unique opinion of the female fan on Twitter early Tuesday.

“Courtside Karen was MAD MAD!!” he wrote.

A week ago, a Cleveland Cavaliers executive celebrated a missed shot from James toward the finish of the third quarter during a game between the Lakers and Cavs. James would detonate in the fourth quarter driving his team to a 115-108 triumph in the challenge.

He remarked after the game that the unidentified individual being referred to a week ago “got a little bit too excited.”

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