LeBron James gives off an impression of being wearing a pair of unreleased Beats earbuds


New versions of macOS and iOS gave an early preview of the first truly wireless Beats earbuds, and by the looks of things, LeBron James couldn’t hold back to evaluate a pair of the Beats Studio Buds. MacRumors has been everywhere on the wire-free in-ears, and brings up an Instagram post from today flaunting James wearing a grill and an inquisitively recognizable pair of buds.

The quality makes a definitive answer impossible, however deciding by the shape they’re a decent counterpart for the pictures and videos that generally leaked, as well as what we’ve seen from FCC filings. Include the way that LeBron James is a Beats endorser and promoter since well before Apple purchased in — purchasing the whole 2008 Olympic men’s basketball team pairs of $350 Beats earphones gave a significant marketing boost — and things get even more clear.

On the off chance that James sticks to his pattern, we’ll most likely get our first close glance at the buds when Kyle Kuzma or Frank Vogel begin sporting some well-timed gifts later on in the NBA playoffs.

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